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Toronto (May 2023)

“Wonderful interactions with knowledgeable and engaged peers!”
“I loved the variety of talks, engagement & speakers – well done!”
“I appreciate the speakers sharing information that is valuable and validating that their organizations are experiencing the same pain points.”

“Great conference and really relevant.”
“Highly relevant – shared issues, broad scope.”
“I learned a lot, especially about socia media, digital, video and audiences.”
“This was so great, very surprised and pleasantly.  It was so engaging, felt like I could be here forever.”

San Francisco (July 2023)

“Great national (and international) turnout for networking opportunities.”
“The presenters were very focused and on task. Time management was great and kept the flow very good.”
“Relevant content, small sessions.”
“Inspiring and reinvigorating.”
“Everyone was very inviting; the info was very easy to understand and helpful.”
“Some great speakers. Short/sweet.”
“Most workshops were energetic and timed perfectly to keep interest from waning.”

Seattle (November 2019)

“Loved the wide variety of topics, not just related to marketing, but to equity, community building and audience engagement.”
“Thought provoking discussions on equity and social justice in the arts and systematic obstacles.”
“Speakers were excellent and inspiring across the board.”
“The equity panel was something I thought would be good ‘to attend’ like broccoli is ‘good for me’ but I was thoroughly engrossed in that conversation. It. Was. Amazing. That was a game-changer.”
“Great mix of people from a variety of arts fields.”

Chicago (July 2019)

“Great, well-rounded info from very respected and experienced presenters.”
“While frequently tactical, also provocative commentary from thought leaders.”
“All topics were valuable and practical.”
“I feel as though I learned something even at sessions I did not plan on attending.”
“Great speakers, nice people, interesting subjects.”

Toronto (June 2019)

“Very informative!  Great chance to address specific concerns related to our business.”
“Great to hear examples and case studies from lots of different organizations.”
“Good variety of speakers and experts on many topics.”
“Smaller discussions allowed us to attend talks that are more important to our team.”
“Really liked meeting people who can relate to our struggles and concerns, and then collaboratively finding solutions!”

San Francisco (April 2019)

“Lots of opportunities to speak with experts and get pointed insights on particular issues.”
“Very relevant and timely info.”
“Great variety – speakers have both overviews and detailed methods that are insightful.”
“Lots of short segments and choices.”

New York (March 2019)

“All of the speakers were phenomenal and informative.”
“Great speakers, very informative about new technologies.”
“By and large there was a very current approach to marketing, more so than I’ve seen at other events and throughout the industry.”
“New ideas – fresh ways of tackling problems – enjoyed working with others to brainstorm/solve problems.”
“Good mix of attendees from different organizations, and different departments within them.”
“So many opportunities to connect with people. Session speakers were excellent; very relevant topics.”
“I really enjoyed that there was time for thoughtful conversations.”
“Very practical and relevant info! Lots of stuff I knew but needed to revisit, along with new ideas.”
“Great opportunities to have connections with peers around the country.”

Los Angeles (October 2018)

“Informal and comfortable atmosphere.”
“Clear, helpful, constructive information.”
“Presenters were also available for smaller discussions.”
“Great speakers, great one-on-ones that allowed us to do follow-up questions with speakers.”

Toronto (June 2018)

“Enjoyed the lunchtime session immensely! Great conversations and such a generous spirit!”
“Great speakers and networking opportunities with the speakers.”
“Fast paced, concise and well organized.”
“Nice getaway to stop and think, get validation and learn new tips.”
“Lunch with the Experts was great – loved the chance for informed discussions.”

San Francisco (May 2018)

“Friendly environment, good networking.”
“One-on-Ones were excellent ways to get a personal perspective from the expert regarding what our individual needs are and how we can improve upon our strengths and weaknesses.”
“The content and quality of the speakers was excellent.”
“I particularly enjoyed presenters who had concrete experiences that had positive results and could be directly applied to similar organizations.”

New York (March 2018)

“It offered inspiration and opportunity to think on a bigger scale.”
“Great content – always something interesting and applicable to my unique organization.”
“Can meet and speak with anyone – especially speakers & panelists.”
“So much great current info from difference perspectives.”
“Impressive degree of expertise in presenters. Something interesting in each part/session/meeting.”

Los Angeles (October 2017)

"All of our One-on-Ones were some of the best advice we’ve received!”
“Many opportunities for open dialogue with known professionals."
“Loved the access to presenters through round tables and One-on-Ones."
"Got some good maps for action — can use right away."
"The electives and One-on-Ones allowed us to get information for our specific venues."
"Great time-out from everyday business to think about important things."
"I loved it all and we are ready to build a solid development plan from the ground up. The speakers and One-on-Ones were very engaging and stimulating."
"The One-on-One experts were very passionate!"

Toronto (June 2017)

"Loved the sponsorship session but wished it could be longer.  Enjoyed the lunchtime session immensely!  Great conversations and such a generous spirit.”
"Lots of data examples and discussions. Social media topics were great."
"Great speakers, great location."
"All of my sessions left time for Q & A and sharing stories and questions.”
"Loved the Lunch with the Experts portion.  Casual yet very informative and engaging."
"Lots of information to learn to help my organization."

Seattle (May 2017)

"Lots of interactive info and some time for us to apply the ideas to our own organizations."
"I loved getting to do the One-on-Ones.  Fantastic way to spend time during the reception and lunch.  Really added to the value of the conference."
"Meeting with other organizations to discuss ideas and trends."
"Presenter topics and their engagement with the audience.”
"I really enjoyed the One-on-Ones.  That surprised me."
"Feeling inspired and re-energized!  Meeting people in my position at the other performing arts centers around my city."
"The upscale professional environment."

New York (March 2017)

"Good variety of speakers and relevant topics."
"Beautiful space for the conference!"
“The candid conversations I had were eye-opening.”
"Great variety of workshops and presentations."
"Lunch with the Experts gave us the opportunity to compare notes and share ideas with professionals who work for similar size performing arts centers with similar programming."
“The opportunity for participation to immediately put into action what was learned was very valuable."
“The best part was meeting new colleagues and comparing challenges and needs.”
"Very relevant topics."

Los Angeles (October 2016)

"I liked the presentations offering MODERN & VIABLE solutions.”
"Multitudes of important topics and discussions."
"I can leave the conference with tangible tools and understanding. I’ll have the confidence to implement strategies learned."
"Felt intimate — brings colleagues who do similar work at neighboring institutions together."
“Nice, unexpected mix of organizations."
"The schedule was designed to include several relevant and timely topics without making each panel too long — or too short!"
"I liked the range of presentations offered and the opportunity to have small group discussions with experts during lunch."

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July 30, 2019: 
Morning Intensive (Program starts at 9:00 a.m.)
Lunch on Your Own
Opening Reception with one-on-ones
July 31, 2019:
Networking Reception with one-on-ones
Lunch with the Experts
Afternoon Intensive
Breakouts (Conference ends at 5:00 p.m.)

Program and speakers subject to change.

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